Overview on Aluminium Windows Crimping Machine


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Overview on Aluminium Windows Crimping Machine

What is a Crimping Machine or a Crimping Tool?

A crimping tool or crimping machine is a device used to conjoin two pieces of metal by deforming one or both of them to hold each other and stick together with sections of rigid, flexible hose and tubing, as seen when fixing a connector to the end of a cable. For eg; affixing a connector to the end of a cable or deforming two window frame profiles.

How does a Crimping Machine works on Aluminum Windows?

To deform two window frame profiles, they use a special wedge and force, and this deformation forces a wedge that permanently cold joins the corners making a window frame. There are manual, semi-manual, and automatic Aluminium Window crimping machines available in the market.

With this machine, we can weld windows by cold joining two corners of aluminum profiles. Even though you have many options for crimping machines still you might have to depend on manual aluminum corner crimping machines that electrical ones if you are living in countries where you have an electricity shortage 

Categories of Crimp Tool or Crimp Equipment

Crimping tools or Crimpings machines are inevitable in the field of construction or in any industry. Even though there is a variety of crimp tools, we choose each one according to their requirement. And each of them has got its own advantages and disadvantages, don't they?

A manual crimping tool is always more suitable than a hydraulic and electrical model for crimping requirements that are small in size and where precision is compulsory. Whereas, we use crimping machines like hydraulic and electrical models where there is a need for more power, here manual camping won't come in use.

1. Handheld

Handheld crimping tools are the most common crimping tool everyone might possess. They are easily portable and manually operated which makes them suitable for crimping small-size items. Even though they look like traditional pliers with clamps which usually have a ridge on one side and a notch on another side. And how does the handheld crimping tool work? They will pinch the wire and the connector to the notch and then compress both of them into each other. For some work, we have to put a lot of effort into a handheld crimping machine.

2. Electrical

Compared to handheld crimping tools, electrical crimping machines are battery-operated and do not require much effort to work on them. It requires less crimping pressure to be applied as they bring with them the additional battery power to models (portable). 

Electrical crimping machines are easily available and there is a variety of them as per their requirements. The interesting part is that some f them are even coming with ergonomic fittings and ratchets.

3. Benchtop

Even though handheld crimping machines and electrical crimping machines are easy to carry and are portable, Benchtop crimping machines are not that easy to carry around the machine. They are comparatively bulkier. 

High-capacity crimping machines are designed in such a way that they have to be mounted on workbenches to finish furthermore demanding types of crimping tasks. Even though they can be heavier, the benchtop crimping machine is found to be powered by electric motors, and others are driven by hand.

4. Hydraulic

In a hydraulic crimping machine, the power supply is fulfilled by hydraulic fluid. So they don't need much effort to function properly. For the repairs which are demanding, these machines are found to reciprocate the maximum amount of power. Several industrial applications and maintenance requirements need a hydraulic crimping machine.

5. Pneumatic

Pneumatic crimping machines are considered as efficient and sort of bringing the serious workforce to various crimping applications because they are based on compressed air. And even it can deliver heavy-duty applications with sufficient power requirements. In the market, they are available in both manual and workbench models. The pneumatic crimping machine also uses air pressure to perform just like a hydraulic crimping machine.

Tips for Choosing the Best Crimping Machine

A crimping machine is a tool any industry should possess as it enables you to make cold weld joints between wires, cables, or a wire and a connector. If you want to join metal fittings with rigid and flexible hose and tubing sections, then a crimping machine can help you.

Crimping machines are also called hose crimping machines or hydraulic hose crimping machines. What they do is they will make joints by stripping, crimping, measuring, and preparing the ends of the wires. Depending on different application requirements and how you need to mount them on a system, hoses fulfill specific requirements and they must have a particular length.

To make cold weld joints between wires, cables, or a wire and a connector and to join metal fittings with rigid and flexible hose and tubing sections, there is nothing more effective than a crimping machine.

“Hose crimping machines” or “Hydraulic hose crimpers” are the other name for this machine. And now, how do they prepare the joints? It’s by stripping, crimping, measuring, and preparing the ends of the wires. 

These machines should be able to fulfill specific requirements and must be of particular lengths according to how you need to mount them on the system. Also, this machine helps you to improve productivity, cut production costs, and prepare the wire or hose for assembly.

When choosing a crimping machine there is a certain area you should focus on. In this competitive world to hustle all competition hurdles and to survive, we should give quality products or services.

So before choosing a machine you should study your requirement first and acquire a suitable machine for your requirement. The various essential factors you need to consider while choosing crimping machines are;

  • Understand Your Requirement or Production Volume

Always collect the list of vendors who provide the crimping machines. Study them closely and assess their capabilities. Study their product and specifications. Try to get reviews from their clients and acquire an idea about your vendor's services and products.

Nowadays you can get any information from an internet search. So that you can take a decision on which vendor to choose. In the market, there are several models of crimping machines available. They all have varying performance, throughput, and functionality.

They are ranging from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic or automated crimping machines. An automatic machine can completely automate the process of measuring, cutting, stripping, and terminating the wire ends.

Check how many crimps each segment needs by running a production analysis on various work segments. It will help you to decide on the quantity of machine you need and according to that choose from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic crimping machines.

  • Scalability

The continuous product and service innovations in today’s world have made a great advancement in crimping machines too. And now crimp machines will help you to configure the wire as per your needs. Wire harnessing requirements also started evolving with infrastructural development.

Consider the current and future business requirements before buying a crimping machine to ensure its functionality and relevancy for the longer term. If you can do this then it will be a lifelong investment.

  • Vendor Support

And also always check their after-sales service and their customer support system. Always choose a vendor whom you can always depend on. If you don't want to lose your money due to business downtime and lose your various other business opportunities, make sure to select a crimping machine that won't face any unexpected technical glitches. In case such a situation arises make sure that your vendors are very responsible to provide you with adequate customer support and service around the clock.

  • Quality

Only a high-quality machine can give you a high-quality product or outcome. So please make sure to select a high-quality crimping machine that can assure you of accurate repeatability of wire crimps. 

Yes, you can definitely get a crimping machine for less price, but do you think that machine will give you a better outcome? Never! Because it will affect the machine’s return on investment. For quality production, the machine we select must be of good quality, sturdy, durable, and robust.

The wire type and quality, applicator, and weather environment are other factors you should consider while choosing the crimp machine. Try to select a crimping machine considering the environmental conditions in which it operates, it should have the capability to endure the environmental condition.

It is true that only efficient wire harness manufacturers can only survive in this highly competitive world and can win contracts from their clients. To withstand this high competition manufacturers have to strategize their processes to improve speed, accuracy, and quality.

There is a wide range of applications for a crimping machine including cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, twisting, tinning your wires faster, etc, that can meet and exceed your business requirements.

So to cut down the production costs and improve the cost per lead, you should choose the best crimping machine and MG SAW has the best solution for you. MG Saws is considered one of the best crimping machine manufacturers not only in Europe but worldwide.

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