Double Head Cutting Machine :Uses & Industrial Applications


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Double Head Cutting Machine

A double head cutting machine, also known as a mitre cutting machine, is a versatile tool used for the precision cutting of various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and PVC. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with two cutting heads, often equipped with circular saw blades. One of the key features of a double head cutting machine is its capability to cut two profiles simultaneously at varying angles, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced processing time.

The primary purpose of a double head cutting machine is to make accurate angled cuts. With a cutting angle capacity of 45º / 90º / +45º, these machines provide versatile cutting options to accommodate various requirements. Moreover, they are equipped with a programmable axis that enables precise and customizable cutting operations. 

Advantages of Double Head Cutting Machines:

  • Versatility: These machines can handle different materials, allowing for a wide range of applications. They can cut through various thicknesses and densities of materials with precision.

  • Efficiency:  Double head cutting machines are designed for high productivity. With two cutting heads, they can simultaneously cut two pieces of material, saving time and effort.
  • Accuracy: The machines are built to provide precise cuts at specific angles, ensuring tight and seamless joints. This accuracy is crucial in tasks that require a high level of precision, such as furniture making or picture framing. 
  • Ease of Use: Many double head cutting machines come with features like adjustable cutting angles, length stops, and measurement scales, making them user-friendly and allowing operators to set up and execute cuts quickly.

The circular saw is one of the common cutting tools used in double head cutting machines. Circular saws feature a toothed, rotating blade that cuts through the material by spinning in a circular motion. These saws are suitable for straight cuts and are often adjustable to achieve different angles.

In a double head cutting machine, the circular saws are typically mounted on the cutting heads, allowing for accurate and efficient mitre cuts. The circular saw blades are designed to cut through specific materials effectively, and they can be changed or adjusted based on the requirements of the task at hand.

Double head cutting machines find extensive use in various industries for precision cutting and fabrication tasks. They are commonly employed in woodworking, metal fabrication, and construction for applications such as creating clean joints, frames, trims, moldings, window and door production, curtain wall systems, furniture manufacturing, architectural projects, and custom fabrication. These machines offer increased efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in cutting different materials, making them indispensable tools in industrial settings.


These machines are widely used in metal fabrication, especially in aluminum fabrication. Some common uses of double head cutting machines for aluminum profile cutting are:

  • Window and Door Fabrication: Double head cutting machines are extensively employed in the production of aluminum windows and doors. These machines can accurately cut aluminum profiles at precise angles required for window and door frames. The mitre cutting capability allows for clean and tight joints, ensuring the proper fit and alignment of the profiles during assembly.
  • Curtain Wall Systems: Curtain wall systems often utilize aluminum profiles to create large exterior facades on buildings. Double head cutting machines are used to cut the profiles to the desired dimensions and angles, allowing for the precise assembly of the curtain wall components. The machines ensure the accurate cutting of mullions, transoms, and other sections needed for the curtain wall system.
  • Aluminum Furniture Manufacturing: Double head cutting machines play a crucial role in the production of aluminum furniture. They are used to cut the aluminum profiles that form the structural framework of furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and shelves. The machines provide precise cuts, enabling seamless joints and accurate assembly of the furniture components.
  • Architectural and Industrial Applications: Aluminum profiles find extensive use in various architectural and industrial applications, such as shop fittings, exhibition stands, signage, and modular structures. Double head cutting machines are utilized to cut the profiles to the required lengths and angles, ensuring the precise fit and alignment of the components during installation.
  • Custom Fabrication: Double head cutting machines are valuable tools for custom fabrication projects involving aluminum profiles. Whether it's for specialized architectural elements or unique industrial components, these machines can accurately cut the profiles to the desired specifications, accommodating complex angles and mitre cuts as needed.


Overall, double head cutting machines, including those equipped with circular saws, provide a reliable and precise solution for mitre cutting applications, enabling craftsmen and manufacturers to achieve clean and professional results.

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