Our double-head miter saws for aluminum cutting are included with a TCT cutting blade which has a cutting angle capacity of 45º / 90º / + 45º and one programmable axis. we are developing and manufacturing double-head sawing machines with vertical pneumatic crushers, lube tools spray, automatic connection with the vacuum cleaner, ethernet connection + pc mg software, caliber, tag printer, etc

 Tronzdoras MG has always been able to manufacture and distribute Aluminum Cutting Machines of premium quality and demand to meet the requirements of our clientele. We have a wide range of Double Head Sawing machines and are supplying our machinery through the most eminent dealers worldwide, especially in GCC. If you want to enquire about Double Head cutting machine and its best models, Please check our website or feel free to give a call at + 971 6 5264382 or mail us at, we are always happy to help you.