Different Types of Aluminium Cutting Machine


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Different Types of Aluminium Cutting Machine

An Aluminium Cutting Machine is an essential tool for the present-time industry.The aluminium cutting machines are designed to perform several tasks like sanding, annealing and piercing operations.At the same time the modern industry uses the cutting machines to cut down on wastage of precious resources.Aluminium Cutting Machine is popularly known as Aluminium Mitre Saw Cutting Machine.It is used for numerous types of cutting needs in a number of various industries.The purpose of Aluminium Cutting Machine is not restricted only to cut aluminium profile corners but it also shapes them, making them ready for crimping. 

There are different types of aluminium cutting machines with various functions and uses.The aluminium cutting machine can be classified into manual cutting machines, semi-automatic aluminium cutting machines and automatic cutting machines.Here is a brief introduction to the uses and functions of the above types of machines:


1. Manual Cutting Machine-

As the name suggests, the manual cutting machine is operated completely by hand and is not very automated.So the accuracy is not very high, and the product cut out is inferior when it comes to precision.It comes with a head which can be turned right and left, which makes it convenient for the operator.The aluminium doors which are found in homes are made by manual cutting machines.They are mostly used in industries which do not require high precision in cutting.


2. Semi-automatic Cutting Machine-

Semi-cutting machines are available as:

a.High-speed aluminium cutting saw machine

b.Oil pressure aluminium cutting saw machine

The difference between the two being that the high-speed aluminium cutting machine has a circular saw blade fitted with tungsten steel, with the main spindle rotation speed reaching upto 3200 rpm. They are more advanced with higher efficiency.Therefore, have a wider range of application that makes it useful for all types of aluminium products.

The oil pressure aluminium cutting saw machine is driven by oil pressure.They are used for cutting large materials.Since they have a rough cutting surface they are not used when a high accuracy is required. 


3. Automated cutting machine-  

Automated cutting machines are more precise and are ideal for small as well as large quantities of aluminium production.The saw blades rotate at a speed of 3200 rpm.They are used for feeding, clamping and positioning functions, all by itself.They can cut multiple aluminium parts at the same time.

Furthermore, depending on the cutting angles and cutting ranges, the Aluminium Cutting machines are available as:

1. Single Head Cutting Machine-

The diameter of the saw blade ranges from 420 mm to 600 mm.They have a cutting angle of -45 and -90 degree and plus intermediate degrees.They provide efficient and precise cutting.They are used in aluminium fabrication, window and door manufacturing, plumbing etc.


2. Double Head Cutting Machine-

It is also known as Mitre Cutting Machine.Based on operating system and the machine structure it can be CNC type,Precision type or Common type.They have a cutting angle of -45 and -90 degree and +45 degrees.They make accurate angled cuts and provides precise and customised cutting operations.They are extensively used in aluminium fabrication industry, curtain wall manufacturing, aluminium furniture manufacturing etc.


Factors to consider while choosing an aluminium Cutting Machine

Choosing the right aluminium cutting machine directly affects the cutting accuracy, efficiency and also the safety of the operators.Below are some factors to consider before buying an aluminium cutting machine:


1. Cutting capacity of the machine-

The larger machines come with a higher cutting capacity than the smaller ones.Hence, you can choose depending on the desired working capacity.


2. Cutting quality of the machine-

The cutting quality is determined by the cutting time, shape and roughness of the cutting surface.The cutting quality is a key factor to measure the efficiency of the aluminium cutting machine.


3. Cutting accuracy of the machine-

Certain cutting operations require high precision cutting like aviation and automobiles.The cutting accuracy is crucial when choosing a cutting machine for such operations.


4. User friendly-

Almost all aluminium cutting machines come with an added advantage of ease of use, making it easier for the operator to learn and get started.


5. Maintenance-

The service life of the aluminium cutting machine depends on how well it is maintained.Therefore, while choosing an aluminium cutting device it is advisable to select one  that is easier to maintain.


6. Cost-

The price of the cutting machine is an important factor to consider while buying the machine.It is crucial to choose a machine with high performance.Also choosing a safe machine can avoid accidents and injuries to the operators.If an unsuitable cutting machine is chosen, it can lead to deformation, breaking and damage to the machine which will affect the processing quality.



Aluminium Cutting Machine is the essential series of machines for aluminium profiles.Choosing the correct aluminium cutting machine is of utmost significance to the processing workshop.When purchasing a cutting machine, it is pivotal to recognise a reliable aluminium cutting machine supplier that can provide all the types of machines you are in need of. MG Saws with an experience of over 50 years are committed to deliver excellence in aluminium cutting machines, ensuring they deliver high precision cutting machines with customer satisfaction as their paramount focus.