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About Us

With 50 years of experience in Aluminum Cutting Machine manufacturing, Tronzadoras MG has steadily grown and conquered the European market and now it is spreading its wings in the middle east. As the most dependable fabrication machine manufacturer and supplier we are always committed to using top-notch technology, top-quality materials, and manufacturing processes.

Since 1972, We at MG SAW have been continuously experimenting and developing fabrication machines that can meet our customer's needs and that can help them to achieve a precise results. Keeping Customer Satisfaction as the primary focus, we are renowned for better performance and quality Aluminum Cutting & Drilling Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in GCC.

To consistently achieve this quality, we always invest in research and development studies to better our products and enhance our product ranges. With the partnership of Yes Machinery UAE, We are expanding our horizons to the middle east, with premium quality Aluminum Cutting Machines

We manufacture high-quality Corner Milling machines, Corner Crimping machines, and Copy Router machines. We have a dedicated 4-Axis Machine Center used for drilling, and milling for faster production output. And covering the product portfolios are the punching machines and Assembly tables which provide a complete solution to the doors and windows manufacturing industry.

We use the best quality materials and a controlled production process complying with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management and European Quality standards for each machine we manufacture. This ensures efficient and accurate profile processing with guaranteed quality.

Our most modern technology made us a prominent Aluminum Cutting and Drilling Machine Manufacturer. Manufacturing the best quality products is the result of combining the best of our best skills with the best spare parts we acquire. Our job is not done with delivering the product, providing after-sales service is also important to deliver uncompromising reliability.

From the start itself, we are focused to innovate machinery that is user-friendly, innovative service delivery, quality, easy to control process, and error-free all along the production process. We are always ready with large stock with different specifications of aluminum and steel cutting machines to meet n number of your business needs.

Choose us and enjoy precision at the touch of a button. That’s what smart people do, making smart things. Have the advantage of a simple and more productive production process. Machinery that is intelligent, comprehensive, and integrated portfolios that are optimally tailored by only focusing on your needs.

Why Choose Us

We are widely recognized in the global market because of our

Why choose us

50+ years of experience

Even experience can make a company perfect too. These long years of experience made our company experiment and learn a lot about fabrication machinery. This made us gain more loyal customers.

Why choose us


Keeping professionalism in each step of business is our main talent. Through effective and appropriate communication, we are always approachable. Every day we always find ways to be more productive and satisfied by our customers. We are always a step ahead of professionalism.

Why choose us


Our machines have never disappointed our customers with their performance or quality. Thanks to years of experience, we are now pioneers in making the best quality Aluminum cutting machine. Our machines are defined for their preciseness.

Why choose us


This is something we can't compromise on. Rather than a business, this field has become a passion that has been induced into our blood. Our R&D is so capable to experiment and develop new technology in Aluminum Cutting & Drilling Machine Manufacturing. Only the best quality machine can produce quality results.