We manufacture Aluminium cutting machines and are the producers of the largest variant of models, especially in single saw or Single Head Cutting machines. We have a lot of options for Manual, Semi-automatic, and Automatic Single saw cutting machines. We offer a wide gamut of single-head cutting machines for all your aluminum cutting needs that are extensively used in many industries for cutting through different metals. Crafted and made by our skilled and experienced professionals using the best quality raw materials that are tested and high-end technology as per the set industry norms. These Single Head Saws will assure long life and less maintenance. It is easy to install, easy to use, has optimum strength, has a robust construction, has corrosion resistance, and has enhanced durability, that’s the reason our single-head saw is accepted by worldwide customers.

Our Single Head Cutting Machines are Aluminum Profile Cutting Machine that gives you clean and quality cuts. A Circular Saw Cutting Machine is a functional workhorse and a valuable addition to the DIYer’s toolkit. With the right blade, we can make straight crosscuts. Our Mitre Cutting Machine is a versatile product that has a tool arsenal for professional carpenters as well as DIYers. Automatic Saw Cutting Machines are paramount machines to add to your metal cutting process. Circular Saw Cutting and Mitre Cutting Machine are part of Automatic Saw Cutting machines.

Circular Saw Cutting Machines are powerful aluminum saw which uses a toothed or abrasive disc or blade for cutting aluminum. Around an arbor, they use a rotary motion spinning. They are designed as hand-held or mounted to a machine. Miter Cutting Machines are capable to create a visible angle or triangle shape. Since they are able to change a perfect 90° angle of the cross-cut to a different angle. 

Aluminum Miter Cutting machines make perfect angle cuts, especially for molding, trim work, rafters, and other general carpentry applications. The aluminum miter cutting machine not only makes an angle cut but also makes straight crosscuts, for that you just have to change the blade. Single Head Cutting Machines give a variety of angle cuts.

The Tronzdoras MG has always been able to manufacture and distribute single-head cutting machines of the highest quality and demand to meet the requirements of our clientele. We have a wide range of single-head cutting machines or single-blade saw machines and are supplying our machinery through the most eminent dealers worldwide, especially in UAE. If you want to enquire about Single blade saw and its best models, Please check our website or feel free to give a call at + 971 6 5264382 or mail us at, we are always happy to help you.