Fundamentals on Corner Milling Machine: Uses And Industrial Applications


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Corner milling machines

Corner milling machines are multipurpose adaptable tools used in metal fabrication. These machines are used to cut the material and shape it according to the requirement. The CNC milling cleans the chips from the workpiece. The corner milling makes the corners of the workpieces smooth. The inside portion of the corners of frames are shaped into smooth curves which increases the quality of the workpieces considerably.

Corner milling machines come in different designs and sizes, and their choice depends on the type of aluminum parts being fabricated. Some machines are capable of handling larger and thicker aluminum parts, while others are designed for more intricate jobs and precise cuts. Though milling machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, their basic function are almost the same.

Components of Corner Milling Machine 

1.Column and base

The column and base are the main parts that support the other components of the machine


This is a vertical positioning screw, also known as elevating screw.

 3. Saddle and Swivel Table

The Saddle is located on the knee. The table is supported by the saddle. The swivel table is attached to the saddle and evolves in both directions in a horizontal manner.

   4. Power Feed Mechanism

The Power Feed Mechanism of a corner milling machine controls the longitudinal, horizontal, and vertical feeds.

  5. Table

The table is the rectangular casting placed on top of the saddle

  6. Spindle

The shaft that holds and drives the cutting tools is called the spindle

  7. Overhanging Arm

The horizontal beam runs across the top face length of the column.

  8. Arbor Support

The arbor support is basically a casting with a bearing that is used to support the outer edge of the arbor.  It helps in aligning the arbor’s outer end with the spindle.


The overhanging arm of the vertical machine is known as the ram.

Uses and Industrial Applications

Corner milling machines are commonly used in the aluminum fabrication industry to cut and shape the material. These machines produce precise and clean cuts that allow for the accurate and efficient production of aluminum parts.

  • Aluminum Extrusions

One of the primary uses of corner milling machines in aluminum fabrication is in the production of aluminum extrusions. Extrusions are widely used for various applications such as window frames, doors, and structural components. The machines are ideal for machining corners and other intricate details in extrusions.

  • Slots, grooves, and holes

Other applications of corner milling machines in aluminum fabrication include creating slots, grooves, and holes in aluminum sheets and plates. These machines can make precise and perfect slots, grooves, and holes very fast. The accuracy of the work increases the quality of the product.

  • Production of aluminum molds, prototypes

Corner milling machines are also used in the production of aluminum molds, prototypes, and various other types of aluminum parts. The accuracy and speed of these machines them indispensable in the production of high-quality molds with complex shapes. These machines serve in the production of various types of aluminum parts for a vast range of purposes.

  • Aluminum window and door frames

Window corner milling machines are widely used in the bulk manufacture of window and door frames, as well as other structural components. These machines deliver clean and perfect frames with perfect and smooth corners,

  • Automobile Industry

Corner milling machines find great utility in the assembly lines of the automobile industry. Various parts can be made with precision in largescale production levels. This will save time and labor to a great extent.

  • Defense Sector

Corner Milling machines are used in the making of defense items where precision and accuracy are most important. A wide range of parts can be made using these machines according to the specific requirements.


Overall, corner milling machines are crucial tools in the aluminum fabrication industry. The introduction of Corner milling machines in the production industry has revolutionized the quantity and quality.  They offer precision, accuracy, and efficiency in producing high-quality aluminum parts that meet the required specifications and standards.

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