Automatic Aluminum Cutting Machine :Advantages and Applications


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Automatic Cutting Machine  Advantages and Applications

Automatic Aluminum Cutting Machine : Advantages and Applications

The word automatic cutting machine is very familiar. But have we ever thought how much in depth we know about what exactly it is, its features, application etc.? Here we will discuss everything you wish to  know about an automatic cutting machine.

What is an Automatic Cutting Machine?

When you are in a business where it’s necessary for you to manufacture metal items for your various clients, the first and foremost thing you need is the ideal tool and the materials used for a product. This is where the importance of an Aluminum cutting machine comes into place. Now let’s understand in simple words what is this machine? As the name says, aluminum cutting machines are used for cutting aluminum and also, it’s used for cutting plastic profiles. It’s also been trending for its use on aluminum windows and aluminum doors.

Why Aluminum?

The unique property of Aluminum makes it one of the most sought after materials. Its durability and ease of handle makes it widely popular among manufacturers. When it comes to why machinists prefer aluminum is that its strong for their various requirements and ideal for most of the parts of the machine. Credits to the corrosion resistive nature of aluminum metal contributed by the oxidized outer layer, which makes it the most desirable metal by the manufacturers.  Aluminum components have been most chosen across different types of industries, be it aerospace, healthcare, electronics industry and/or automotive.

Another prominent feature of aluminum is its unparalleled and brilliant machinability as most of its components can be penetrated effortlessly by cutting tools. Since the metal is easy to shape, aluminum is better chosen for machining than iron and steel.

Different Types of Aluminum Cutting Machines    

There are basically three types of aluminum cutting machines – Manual aluminum cutting machines, semi -automatic aluminum cutting machines and Automatic Aluminum cutting machines. Even though all these machines are used for cutting aluminum profile, the question often arises which one is the best. Without any doubt, we can say it’s the Automatic Cutting machine because it produces the most accurate and precise cutting. With the advent of automatic programmable controls, manual operating machines have been replaced. Automatic cutting machines make the job complete faster and produce strong results. Automatic cutting machines have made the jobs a lot easier by making complex cutting processes simpler.

What Makes Automatic Cutting Advantageous Over Other Machines ?  

Who doesn’t wish to enhance the quality of your manufacturing, the effectiveness, optimal utilization of materials, flexibility? There comes the solution – automatic cutting machines.  Automatic cutting also helps to considerably reduce your operator costs and at the same time provide services and deliver products on a timely basis.  Automatic cutting machines help you achieve greater precision and at the same time create a great reduction in production costs. These machines are extremely productive and require much less maintenance. These factors are to be considered essentially since it can bring great advantage to your aluminum cutting process.

Many years of research and development have gone behind the manufacturing of high-quality automatic cutting machines. These automatic aluminum cutting machines can be used in a wide range of industries making use of the most modern technology and promise zero complications to jobs. Another advantage of automatic cutting is , the feeding of materials int machines as well as cooling of the metal are all done automatically with the help of automatic pipe feeding and water cooling options. PLC and CNC systems were made use of to cut metals into any shape and size accurately. The use of these technologies considerably reduces any wastage of material.

Normally in an automatic cutting machine the blade size varies from 250 mm to 450mm and will have a good cutting speed of 8000 mm/s. These machines are also suitable for cutting different types of materials like copper, iron pipes, carbon steel, stainless steel as well as aluminum alloys. Also, its capable of cutting square, solid, round or even hollow pipes.

Technical Specifications At A Glance

Let’s take a quick walk through the technical specifications of automatic cutting machines. Working with an automatic cutting machine offers you a great deal of advantages as we discussed above, These quick facts will definitely help you when you are trying to understand more about automatic cutting machines and what makes them most popular.

  •  Capable of cutting at right angles
  • ·Works on  different  diameters
  • ·Equipped with CNC technology.
  • Automatic feed of materials
  • Remote troubleshooting possible
  •  Water cooling systems for materials available
  •  Possibility of single head and double head operation
  • Automatic angle adjustment
  • Automatic profile supporting systems
  • Measurement accuracy and faster positioning of metals possible
  • Safer dust disposal arrangements

Best Automatic Cutting Machine

When you think of investing in automatic aluminum cutting machines, the question often comes to you mind as which is the best. To choose the best, there are several factors that needs to be brought into consideration – the best in terms of technology, the best in terms of complexity, the best in terms of accuracy, the best in terms of durability, the best in terms of service and of course the best that you could get that is worth for every penny you spend.

Research have shown that Tronzodoras MG from Spain has never disappointed its customers with the high quality machines they manufacture.  Their most promising aluminum cutting machine which offers enhanced adjustments in cutting, with adjustments in speed of feeding and having a polycarbonate kind of shield that helps to cut 90 degrees is the 90 degree Aluminum Automatic cutting machines.  It’s simple to use, most modest and one of the most precise drilling machines that you can ever depend on when it comes to your manufacturing process. Apart from the quality product offered, any sales and service requests are handled highly professionally with the best team in their hands.

MG has expanded its network in Europe and the Middle East. In the Middle East, YES Machinery serves as the trusted partner offering high quality services.